Yudimama’s Artisan Coconut Candy

Renowned Nanyang songstress and songwriter Yudi Yap branded her homemade coconut candy as Yudimama’s in 2016. Coconut candy is a traditional sweet and significant to the Malaysian pallet as it brings back childhood memories and reminds people of home. Keeping traditions alive, Yudi uses a coconut candy recipe from her mom which has been passed down for generations.

Yudimama’s coconut candy now includes flavours like Bentong durian and ginger, which are Yudi’s hometown specialties. The new series of candy is re-introduced with a different packaging for a fresh look. To reduce sweetness, only brown sugar and natural ingredients are used in the making of the candy. With no artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives added, Yudimama’s coconut candy is even tastier and remained authentic while providing a healthier choice of candy for the goodness of life.