Berjaya University College

Being the only institution of higher learning offering the Diploma in Heritage Cuisine, BERJAYA University College affords students the chance to learn the essential cuisines of the 13 state of Malaysia and the rich history behind them. The two-year programme includes modules on Fundamentals of Heritage Cuisine, Malaysian Ethnic Cuisine, Aseana Cuisine, Asian Kuih and Desserts and other modules designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Malaysia’s diverse culinary heritage.

At Taste of Malaysia, BERJAYA UC will present a number of signature dishes such as Laksa Johor, Nasi Ulam, Royal Pudding, Rendang Tok, Nyonya Kuih, Rendang Minang, Nasi Dagang and Pulut Kuning.

For a true taste of Malaysia, make sure to stop by BERJAYA UC booth to sample some of the dishes that have helped shaped the country and made their way into history books.