Dining at Summer Palace – MIGF2018

Fit For Royalty A once host of MIGF Gala Launches for many years, the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel makes a welcome return to the Festival with its flagship Cantonese outlet Summer Palace. The last time we saw this sprawling five-star property take part in the Festival was in 2013, so its comeback was highly anticipated. It […]

Chef Lai Kuok Sing (Dixon)

Chef Dixon Lai Kuok Sing Cuisine: Cantonese (Pork Free) Capacity: 180 pax Address: Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort City 62502 Sepang Utara Phone: +603 8949 8888 ext 1333 Location: Maps Website putrajayamarriott.com/summer-palace It was his mother that drew him into the kitchen as a young boy and 19 years later, Chef Dixon is running his own restaurant at […]

Summer Palace Festival Menu

Starter 1 Summer Palace Seafood Platter夏日海鲜拼盘Chilled Sea Cucumber Red Date Jelly红枣海参冻Baked Scallop with Black Garlic Cream黑蒜忌廉焗帆立贝 ~.~ Starter 2 Deep Fried Almond Prawn Roll菊花凤尾虾 ~.~ Soup Double Boiled Rock Melon with Whelk and Fish Maw哈密瓜螺头炖花胶 ~.~ Main Course 1 Smoked Beef Cheek with Lychee Wood & Pu Er Tea荔枝木普洱熏牛脸颊 ~.~ Main Course 2 Cold Angel […]

Summer Palace

Summer Palace Phone Directions Cuisine: Cantonese (Pork Free) Capacity: 180 pax Address:Putrajaya Marriott HotelIOI Resort City62502 Sepang Utara Phone:+603 8949 8888 ext 1333 Opening Hours:Monday – Sunday11.30am – 2.30pm; 6.30pm – 10pm Location: Maps Website:putrajayamarriott.com/summer-palace The recently refurbished Summer Palace at Marriott Putrajaya is palatial in every sense of the word. The first thing that strikes you is […]