The Herding Day

Making its mark on Malaysia’s coffee scene since 2017, Verve Stuff focuses on importing a variety of unique specialty coffee products from across the world. One of these is a patented design by the Demark-based The Brew Company and involves brewing your coffee in the bag you get it in. 

The Coffeebrewer: A unique filter design and brewing technology leads to a rich and wholesome coffee that is second only to French press quality. The difference however is that it’s as easy as making a cup of instant. All coffee types are sourced from single estates with full traceability and hand roasted in small batches at an artisan micro-roastery.

The Teabrewer: As with the Coffeebrewer, The Teabrewer presents an innovative way to brew an infusion, using loose organic whole leaf tea and actual dried fruit and vegetable pieces. The filter technology allows the mixture to develop to its full flavour, up to 16 times more intense than a teabag.

The Herbbrewer: Combining the unique in-the-bag brewing technique with  organic herbs, vegetables and spices, The Herbbrewer yieldss pure and delicious infusions ideal for fighting any number of health issues or to simply enjoy a soothing cup. It’s the convenience of a teabag with the quality of a fresh pot, all in a bag.

For more information head to theherdingday.com or visit ‘theherdingday’ on Facebook or Instagram. You can also email your enquiries to inquiry@vervestuff.com