Embassy of Chile

Chile has become known for its exceptional terroir-driven wines, an art perfected in an incredibly short period of time in comparison to other wine-making countries. This is down to a combination of identifying the finest vineyard sites and an exploration of premium wine making techniques and blends. At Taste MIGF the Embassy of Chile presents two wine companies that have made their mark.

TerraMater (‘mother land’ in Latin), a company born from exceptional lands, covered by noble and well established vines of 50, 60 and even 70 years old, blends those top quality winemaking practises with a search for innovation.

Lapostolle Wines, founded by Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband Cyril de Bournet in 1994, is recognized throughout the world for its quality and its extraordinary ability to express the Chilean terroir. It has been a pioneer in the wine industry in Chile and today its wines continue to elevate the region through the production of premium wines, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.