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Cajun Asian

Bringing you the best of two cultures, Cajun Asian offers up a unique blend of spices and seasonings  that you can use to spruce up your recipes. You might not think it, but Thai and Cajun cuisines share  commonalities in the herbs and spice they use, similarly unique and distinctive in various ways. If you’re looking for a way to easily incorporate these flavours into your cooking, Cajun Asian is your answer.

For an authentic taste of Thailand, opt for the Thai Blend which can be added to a myriad of foods to brighten up flavours and add depth. Meanwhile, the Cajun Blend is made with a focus on quality ingredients, freshness, and less salt, helping to add a touch of Southern Louisiana to any dish. The Cajun and Thai Blends can also be used to marinate seafood and meats. Finally, the Seafood Boil is blend designed for the boiling or steaming of all types of seafood in the traditional Cajun way.