Ripe For The Tasting

Step into Tangerine and you can’t help but be absorbed in its opulent fold. There isn’t a compromised surface to be seen; dark marble columns interlaced with tinted chrome, varnished beams high up in the ceiling, large paintings on one wall and backlit displays of liquor on another.

Being 51 floors up at the top of THE FACE Suites at Jalan Sultan Ismail has also granted Tangerine eye candy in the form of panoramic city views, which can be enjoyed through the glass or outside from the balcony.

However, what makes this recent debutant extra special is the Modern Western works of art it sends out of its kitchen. Chef Siti Arini Darsom radiates substantial talent that belies her youthful mien, as verified during a MIGF menu appraisal function that brought together some influential minds and taste buds.

Chef Arini is equal parts creative and meticulous   

The attendees comprised a good mix of individuals from various fields – Brazilian Ambassador H. E. Carlos Martins Ceglia, Uzbekistan Ambassador H. E. Ravshan Usmanov, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Marketing Officer Arved Von Zur Muehlen, Prince Court Medical Centre Consultant Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon Dato’ Dr Ghandhiraj Somasundram and media darling Dato’ Yasmin Yusof among them.

Yogi Thakker, Patrick McVeigh, Elaine McVeigh, Dara Von Zur Muehlen, Arved Von Zur Muehlen, Dato’ Jeremy Diamond and Datin Kalsom Diamond

Datuk Uwe Ahrens, H. E. Carlos Martins Ceglia, Alex Tan Ai Chong and Dato’ Steve Day

Anastasia Martins Ceglia, Datin Poh Thiam, Amarjit Chhina, Dato’ Yasmin Yusof and Dato’ Kok Wee Kiat 

Datin Daniela Somasundram, Iroda Usmanova and Datin Andrea Ahrens

After an introductory speech by MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day that signalled the transition from pre-dinner mingling to the start of the dining experience, guests made their way to the table, palates at the ready.

Dato’ Dr Ghandhiraj Somasundram, Datin Daniela Somasundram, Datin Andrea Ahrens, Emily Tan, Alex Tan and Arved Von Zur Muehlen

Datin Su Wai Fun, Patrick McVeigh and Elaine McVeigh

Tang Ken Wei, Joshua Ang and Lim Yi May

Two consecutive servings of amuse-bouche were placed in front of the diners, the first consisting of Black Caviar, Cauliflower Espuma and Malt Crunch, the second Akami Tartare in Cone, Razor Clam Ceviche, Smoked Mackerel and Seabream with Gremolata.

Black Caviar, Cauliflower Espuma and Malt Crunch

Akami Tartare in Cone, Razor Clam Ceviche, Smoked Mackerel and Seabream with Gremolata

Presented next as the first course, Heirloom Tomatoes prepared in 7 ways, obtained unanimous endorsement not just for its superb treatment of the eye, but of the tongue as well.

Appetiser 1: Heirloom Tomatoes prepared in 7 ways

Appetiser number two was King Crab with Kiwi Gazpacho, Kyui, Melons and Yogurt Froth, which also took no time securing wonder.

 Appetiser 2: King Crab

Boasting Truffles shaved, Fennel Puree and Hazelnut Foam, Cheese Agnolotti completed the trio of appetisers on a high.

Appetiser 3: Cheese Agnolotti

Another amuse-bouche was dispatched, this time made up of Espresso Bisque and Crustacean Crackers.

Espresso Bisque and Crustacean Crackers

The cups were then cleared to make way for the first starter, Hokkaido Scallop alongside Mushroom Souffle and Crusty Kale, which was a contrast of colours and flavours that matched nicely.

Starter 1: Hokkaido Scallop

On its tail was the second starter, Foie Gras with Candied Kumquat, Brioche Log, Dry Aged Duck and Vanilla Glaze. This was a dish that stuck in the mind of the diners.

Starter 2: Foie Gras

Throwing some theatrics into the mix, the palate cleanser that followed, a selection of home-made sorbet, employed the use of dry ice which cascaded mist over the side of the plate to great effect.

The mystifying palate cleanser

With such expectation-raising dishes, the forecast for the main course was confidently enthusiastic, and the guests were not let down even a smidge. They had the choice of not two or three, but four distinct main courses to select from, each with its own divine characteristics!

‘Free Range’ Beef Short Rib with Roasted Sunchoke and Grain Mustard Crust was one of the four, looking decadent on the plate.

‘Free Range’ Beef Short Rib

‘Hillside’ Lamb Rack with Spice Dust, Broad Bean Hummus, Pickled Petals was another option, a superb showing of lamb goodness.

‘Hillside’ Lamb Rack

From the sea was the flavourful Wild Turbot, served with Tapioca Puff, Concasse and Seafood Reduction.

Wild Turbot

Rounding off the choices was the high-end Kyushu Wagyu ‘MB10’ for an additional charge, with Baby Bouquet, Parsnip Puree to go with it.

Kyushu Wagyu ‘MB10′

As the group put napkin to lip, the desserts were carried in by the waiting staff. Again, guests had a choice of sweet endings, one being Apple Tatin Sorbet with Chantilly Jivara, Velvet Meringue, Streusel Lavender, Ginger Snap.

Apple Tatin Sorbet

The other dessert was Marquise with Cuvee Bali 68%, Dacquoise Hazelnut, Wild Berries Praline.


For another layer of sweetness, home-made candy and confectionery were also served.

Home-made sweets 

Wrapping up the evening, Dato’ Steve exalted Chef Arini and the Tangerine team for the brilliant evening, and Dato’ Kok Wee Kiat expressed his admiration and astonishment over the meticulous handling of each dish.

Dato’ Kok was enthralled by the attention to detail shown by Chef Arini

H.E. Usmanov too spoke of his surprise, as he figured a menu of this calibre would usually point to a chef who has had decades of experience, rather than one as young as Chef Arini.

H.E. Usmanov hailed the work of Chef Arini and her crew

The Full Festival Menu at Tangerine costs RM408++ per person without wine. Click here to read more about the restaurant, Chef Arini and the Festival menu.

The admirable Tangerine team 

For more photos, click here.

Sponsored by Vision KL, Festival Publicity Dinners help create and sustain the MIGF buzz throughout the Festival month. These dinners provide an excellent way for the organisers to individually recognise the professionals in each Festival Restaurant and to thank everyone involved, from the restaurant managers and service teams, to the Master Chefs and their kitchen staff.