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Chef Domenico Nicolino found his calling when he was about 15 years old, and since devoting himself to the trade, he has cooked in more time zones than some chefs have in kitchens. Starting out in his home nation of Italy, he cut his teeth at numerous world-class (and some Michelin-starred) establishments, including Brassiere Joel in the United Kingdom, Trattoria in Malta, and Solbar in the United States. His career, which has also seen him transforming ingredients into works of art at other restaurants worldwide, has lent him great knowledge in a smorgasbord of cuisines, including Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

With such a wide range of experience under his apron, Chef Domenico brings plenty to the table at his latest port of call, Nero Nero. The hands-on Executive Chef is supremely comfortable spending hours a day in the kitchen, whipping up wonders and ensuring that his team operates like a well-oiled machine. The restaurant’s spread is completely under his direction, and it is in very good hands. Drawing from his days spent at the Michelin-starred Solbar in Napa Valley, he came up with a California Italian menu that he tinkers with every so often to provide fresh options to returning patrons. He envisions Nero Nero to be a full-fledged California Italian bistro, offering fine dining that is quick to prepare, but full of flavours drawn from sustainable ingredients. Chef Domenico lets his food do the talking – and when you sample his cooking, you’ll find that it has quite the story to tell.