Archives: Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2014 (01-31 October 2014)
Hear What They Said about MIGF 2014
“Well it’s been a very long and great journey, very exciting because I saw everything from hawker food all the way up to fine dining. This is what we have done. We’ve put gourmet food on a real plateau and I’m very glad to see that Malaysians are now enjoying this kind of food. 13 years ago was pretty basic actually, then five years later I could see a lot of improvement but today it’s just amazing.”

YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja'afar, MIGF Royal Patron

“I’m very happy to be here as I have been a guest at taste MIGF for every edition over the last four years and I hope to enjoy it like I have with every MIGF. The first thing that stands out is how Malaysians love food and Taste MIGF takes food sampling to the next level. It will be a nice surprise as always. When you have these kinds of festivals, you bring the best in a good sense and help attract smaller restaurants to have better service and food. I think it is very good as it improves quality.”

HE Lourdes Puma Puma, Ambassador of Ecuador

“We are happy to be back here at Taste MIGF, it’s my third occasion here and is a very interesting combination. It combines gastronomy, beverages, hospitality and the media so it’s more than a win-win situation. . The strength of the festival is diversity and what I am looking for the most is quality.”

HE Christian Rehren, Ambassador of Chile

“I’m really looking forward to discovering new restaurants and new chefs at Taste MIGF. It has always been a revelation how many new restaurants are opening up in KL and the variety of foods that you can find here now. I think KL is slowly becoming the culinary capital of Asia. I’m looking forward to tasting as much as I can this evening.”

HE Luc Van De Bon, Ambassador of European Union

“I think Malaysia International Gourmet Festival organising the festival is the best because it is like a bridge that connects them with the public at large.”

Datuk Chef Wan, Malaysian Food Ambassador

“I think 14 years is a long time and I have been here from start to finish and I have also been on the committee since 2008. I think when we first started out, there were only a handful of restaurants and a lot of hotels participated. As it grew over the years, there are about 30 restaurants now and what’s different now is that there are a lot of standalone restaurants with good quality fine dining. I think that’s what this festival is all about, bringing out all these restaurants.”

Tunku Mohamed Alauddin Naquiyuddin - General Manager, Antah Bumimedic Sdn Bhd

“It is a good platform whereby restaurants in Malaysia can help promote their food and beverage especially to the tourists, we do have millions of tourists who come to Malaysia, so with the special menus that the restaurants provide gives an opportunity for both locals and foreigners to come and have a wonderful dining experience.”

YAM Tunku Johanez Tunku Annuar, Executive Chariman, Bumi Aviation Sdn Bhd

“Every year when I come for the MIGF event, I am really amazed at the creativity and innovativeness of the chefs. It gets better and better and I must congratulate the organisers for coming out with improved cuisines and restaurants every year. MIGF is elevating Malaysia and putting it on the world cuisine map which is very good for tourism and enables Malaysians to taste wonderful cuisines.”

Tan Sri Dr Ridzwan Abu Bakar, Cardiologist Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

“Being a first time judge, I think it’s very important to get it right. There are so many good restaurants here tonight – so tasteful, the way they display the setups, so I really want to make sure that I’m getting the right winners. I’m really enjoying myself, I think I’ve been a fan of MIGF ever since day 1, finally I’m doing something, I don’t have a chance to mingle as much as I do but I’m loving it.”

Datin Winnie Loo – Founder of A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy

“I’m happy that Dato’ Steve Day and his wife Datin Su have been working so hard for the last few years. I am promoting Malaysia as a food heaven and so also MIGF. I think the festival, over the last few years has really contributed to introducing Malaysia to the world as a food heaven so I think in that sense the country is very grateful to them.”

Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir

“The food at taste MIGF has been delicious, there is a new system with Taste Sovereigns this year and it is a good way to monitor everything. I really enjoyed Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8, the wagyu burger was exceptional. Good food to me means melt in the mouth and makes me happy.”

Tunku Myra Madihah Tunku Mudzaffar

“MIGF is incredible, it really exposes all our top fine dining restaurants and it’s something that we never miss every year because there’s so much to discover. Sometimes we’re so busy so we don’t realise what are some of the newest restaurants in town, so MIGF is great for that.”

Elizabeth Lee - Senior Executive Director Sunway Education Group

”We’ve got three absolutely amazing different concepts this year, we have Chambers Bar & Grill, Graze and Chynna with Chef Lam heading up the culinary division there and really I think it’s such a great night tonight with three restaurants here, all very diverse cuisine and I think the feedback has been great so far. Everyone’s been enjoying and embracing the cuisine, and I think everybody’s having a great time as well.”

Gerard Walker - Director of Operations, Hilton KL

“It’s good to be here, we are a big supporter of MIGF. I think good food is about personalities, the most important thing is the quality and simplicity. We are here with two outlets and of course I would like to thank Dato’ Steve Day because he’s done a fantastic job to help our business to grow. So Steve, carry on, you’re doing a fantastic job and all the best to you.”

Modesto Marini – Owner Marini’s Group

“MIGF is the biggest thing that Malaysia does, I have been invited four years to it as the Ambassador’s wife and it is the first time that I am participating in it which is very interesting. First of all it’s an honour to be there and every time that we’ve been there as a guest for the past four years has been wonderful. All of the beautiful food and presentation that I have seen here has been at MIGF. It will be a great exposure for us.”

Nilou de Luca Gabrielli – Owner La Scala

“Two years has flown by and it’s great to be back, the teams are excited, I’m excited and I think the food’s being really well received. This year we have our restaurants Chynna, Graze, and also Chambers Bar & Grill, so three quite different choices which will be great. I think good food is not necessarily complicated, tastes good and uses local ingredients especially in this part of the world where we have so many good ingredients to use.”

Jamie Mead - General Manager, Hilton KL

“At the MIGF last year we actually learned that we don’t need to prepare so many things, this year we are much more prepared and a clearer direction of where we are heading. We did get overwhelming response from the diners and it makes us happy that people recognise what we are doing. MIGF has helped tell people to come with an open mind to Tanzini. Our signature dish is the giant Tiger Grouper this year.”

Chef Johnny Fua and Chef Eugene Lee – Tanzini

“Chef David who is a cuisine instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia is cooking a salty version of a soufflé mixed with Mobier cheese from France. The process to make this soufflé involves a French technique using a mixture of eggs, water, butter and flour called panade. I think that Taste MIGF is very important because it can promote Le Cordon Bleu so people know what we are doing in Malaysia, it is also very good for the hotels, restaurants and the food industry as it enables people to discover the latest products.”

Chef Thiery Lerallu, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia