Archives: Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013 (01-31 October 2013)
Festival Restaurant
Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie
French Fine Dining
50 pax
Ground Floor, Menara Tai Pan
Jalan Puncak 50250, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates
N 3 09.135
E 101 42.380
+603-2072 4452
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Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie
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Driven and focused, Chef Nathalie projects an aura of inspiration that permeates the air around her. With her recent appointment as Exclusive Chef to the Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Malaysia, on top of running two successful restaurants, conducting a variety of cooking classes and managing outside catering services, her tenacity knows no bounds.

This is made all the more remarkable when one discovers she is a self-taught chef, having learned her trade while hosting lavish dinner parties during her seven year stint in Thailand.

With 16 MIGF awards under her belt, her food has proven among the most popular over the last two Festivals, and no doubt one can expect big things from this little chef this year. An immaculate MIGF menu awaits diners, every bit as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the stomach.