Archives: Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013 (01-31 October 2013)

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The fabulous feast of fun and food continued on at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre with Taste MIGF obviously and enthusiastically accepted by a horde of KL folks – natives and visitors alike.

Guests, restaurants alike had an absolute ball of a time, partying on at the Theatre Of Cuisines and browsing through the myriad delicacies on offer inthe Epicure Gourmet Village. There, the atmosphere was electric; apart from the fabulous food and delicious drinks, the music was non-stop, keeping everyone on their toes with a selection of smooth latin beats. Revelers were throwing shapes on the dance floor right up until the end of the night, interspersed by hot dance routines from professional dancers and appearances from the multi-coloured stilt walkers.

The workshops, especially the cooking classes, were packed with rapt audiences picking up invaluable tips and cooking secrets from our world class chef instructors. Chef Michele Cuozzo's Squid Ink Pasta  proved overwhelmingly popular, and as the charming Italian chef divulged secret after secret of the age old recipe (handed down from his great-great grandmother no less), on-lookers soaked up the instructions like a sponge, eagerly asking questions and tasting the progress at various points in the demo.

Over at the Epicure International Gourmet Village a buying frenzy was taking place, with avid food lovers snapping up delicious gourmet offerings – from cheeses, wines and other beverages to cigars and an assortment of irresistible goodies. The Trinidad Cigar Company drew crowds with their unique cigar rolling demonstrations, and the Southern Rock Seafood stand proved extremely popular with the range of freshly imported seafood from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Fine de Claire oysters were snapped up like hot cakes over the course of the event.


Taste Tokens were flying off the counters as guests took multiple Gourmet Safaris around the Theatre, sampling as many of the bite-sized portions as possible. As always, Chef Nathalie's macaroons were a huge hit, as was the gorgeous Yorkshire pudding with pulled beef at Arthur's Bar & Grill. Each tasting portion, however, proved as delicious as the next and each restaurant booth recieved hordes of the hungry gourmands.

Back in the Theatre of Cuisines, a special culinary performance was taking place on the dance floor, courtesy of the captivating Chef Reya of Kiraku Japanese Restaurant. She moved through her routine with comfotable ease, flicking spatulas and knives, and ending with a special onion-ring fire volcano.

All In all, it was a fantastic weekend and a true eye-opener for the thousands of visitors – local and overseas – who when asked, said they couldn’t wait until Taste MIGF 2014. Watch this space!