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Bunga Emas
Contemporary Malay Fusion
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When one thinks of traditional Malay cuisine, one would think of the local favourite “gerai-gerai makan” (food stalls) customarily situated on the roadside. Bunga Emas is changing that perception by taking classics and long-forgotten regional dishes and elevating them to the premium dining genre.

From the intimate, private dining rooms that feature low tables and floor seating, to the luxurious settings of the main restaurant with plush high-backed chairs set amongst the Malay kampung house-inspired carved wooden beams and panels, the interior gave a firm nod to classical Malay architecture.

This beautiful setting exudes traditional Malay luxury and hospitality.

For the MIGF 2013 Publicity Dinner, Bunga Emas further enhanced this classical Malay setting with a romantic backdrop decorated with faux trees that are fully covered with beautiful white orchids. Along with the colour-changing mood lighting, it sets the tone for an intimate dining experience.

As guests arrived, they were treated to pre-dinner drinks of Australian red and white wines, and canapés of freshly-made popiah, a local favourite crepe with mixed vegetables filling.

From left: Jerry Ganendra, Marti Vendebon, HE Luc Vandebon & Shalini Ganendra.

Distinguished guests of the evening included the Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union Commission, HE Luc Vandebon and his wife, Marti Vandebon; the Ambassador of Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Professor Sir Nguyen Hong Thao; MIGF Royal Patron, Tunku Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar; Puan Sri Ong Li Ling; famous Feng Shui master, Lilian Too and her husband, Too Wan Jin; Director of Pakatan Reka Arkitek Sdn Bhd and MIGF Advisory Committee member, David Teh and his wife, Pitt Lee; and world renowned celebrity chef, Datuk Chef Wan and his adorable mother, Noraini binti Abdullah.

A group photo op in front of the Bunga Emas entrance.

Following a short welcome address by MIGF Organizing Chairman Dato’ Steve Day, the diners were invited to take a group photo at the entrance of Bunga Emas. As diners took their seats, Master Chef Shaiful Hailmi greeted and welcomed the diners and dinner was ready to be served.

Salmon Jingga Kasturi – salmon roll with Calamansi oil Ais Sagat Asam Boi – ice shaving with sour dust was served

Kicking off the evening was the cold appetiser, Salmon Jingga Kasturi – salmon roll with Calamansi oil and Blue Fin Tuna with lemon grass sabayon. Next came the soup, Sup Labu Loceng Habbatus Sauda – oven roasted bell pumpkin soup with black cumin seed. This was followed by a warm appetiser, Hati Itik Buah Salak Madu – goose liver moose with pandanus, karipoley brioche and honey. Then, a refreshment of Ais Sagat Asam Boi – ice shaving with sour dust was served.

Hati Itik Buah Salak Madu - Goose Liver Mousse Wagyu Panggang Paku Pakis – Grilled Beef with Green Pea Curry


Botok Ketam Alaska Air Asam Jeruk Madu – Steamed Baked Crab with Coconut, Chili Paste, Tropical Honey and Tamarind Sauce

After the refreshment, the diners were ready for an impressive 4 main dishes. The first main was the Ikan Sebelah Asam Katok – Galangal broth poached rolled sole fillet with sweet tamarind chutney with squid eggs. The second main is the Botok Ketam Alaska Air Asam Jeruk Madu – steamed baked crab with coconut, chili paste, tropical honey and tamarind sauce. Next on the mains was the Ayam Dara Selera Timur Nasi Dagang Daun Cekor – simmered black chicken in coriander and lemon grass gravy. And the last main dish was the Wagyu Panggang Paku Pakis – grilled beef with green pea curry, pistachio mousse and exotic salad.

Dato' Steve Day doing one of his introduction sessions of the evening's guests.

In between dishes, Dato’ Steve Day entertained the diners with his traditional introductions of the guests. His humourous banter added to a very lively evening.

The dinner arrived at a delightful and satisfying end with 2 dessert dishes, Dodol Dan Tempe – coconut with rice flour jelly and fermented soya bean cake; Cendol Gula Hangus – coconut custard with glutinous rice, kidney beans and palm sugar.

Chef Wan (right) sharing a light moment with other guests while Lilian Too (centre) looks on.

The general consensus of the diners was most positive, as was the fellowship. Feng Shui master, Lilian Too reflected this sentiment, “I really have to say that this is one of the nicest evenings I’ve had for quite a long time. The food was excellent, such a nice fusion of Malay food. I’m very fascinated by the use of traditional Malay spices to convert into what I call ‘nouvelle cuisine Malay food’. And the group Dato’ Steve Day put together was so interesting. I had a great time!”

From left: Professor Sir Nguyen Hong Thao & Yap Teak Sing.

The Ambassador of Vietnam, Professor Sir Nguyen greatly enjoyed his evening too, “This is my first MIGF experience and I think it is a fantastic idea, presenting the diversity in culinary arts.” When asked what his favourite dish of the evening was, he praised the Wagyu grilled beef dish, “It has a nice soft texture and a very nice aroma,” he said.

HE Lu Vandebon sharing a joke with the diners.

The Ambassador of the European Union Commission, HE Luc Vandebon was also very impressed. “Tonight has been a confirmation of the impression I have already that Malaysian cuisine is absolutely fantastic. I am a Belgian from Brussels, and being chauvinistic, I find that Brussels is the culinary capital of the world. We have the best restaurants from all over the world. And now I find the same goes for Malaysia." About his overall feeling of the evening’s experience, he continued, “One of the things I like above all is the way Dato’ Steve Day manages to get together people that not only made this a wonderful culinary experience but also a very wonderful social experience.”

Dato' Steve stands with Chef Hailmi while thanking the rest of the team

The evening ended with Dato’ Steve calling out Chef Shaiful and his kitchen and service teams accompanied by Royale Chulan’s Executive Chef, Sabri Soid, thanking them for a fantastic job well done.

From left: Jerry Ganendra, Shalini Ganendra, Pitt Lee, David Teh, Shawna Yap & Yap Teak Sing.

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