Festival Restaurant
Ten Japanese Fine Dining
Japanese (Pork Free)
No.3, Jalan Pinang, Marc Service Residence, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates
N 3.15533
E 101.71004
+603-2162 9999
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Ten Japanese Fine Dining
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先付 | Appetiser
かわはぎの昆布締め 土佐酢のジュレとかわはぎの肝ジェラート添え
Konbu seaweed-infused leather jacket sashimi, leather jacket liver gelato, tosa vinegar gelee
Fausitono Cava Brut, Spain
前菜 | Entrée
Five Delectable Artisan Appetisers, Prepared with Various Techniques   
鱧落し・ 鱧鮨・鱧煮こごり・鱧皮の和物・鱧の茶碗蒸し
Blanched pike conger with ponzu sauce; pike conger sushi; pike conger encased with pike conger broth gelee; deep-fried pike conger’s skin dressed with bean curd sheet and black miso; pike conger chawan mushi with pike conger broth
Kubota Senjyu
吸物 | Soup
Japanese-styled Manganji sweet chilli pepper soup
Gisselbrecht Gewurztraminer Alsace 2009, France
魚料理 | Grill
太刀魚と焼きなすの焼き物 渡り蟹のビスク軽いカレーのアクセント
Grilled hairtail fish and roasted eggplant, blue swimmer crab bisque with a hint of curry
Saint Clair Omaka Reserve Chardonnay 2010, New Zealand
肉料理 | Main
A5和牛イチボの炭火焼 天 Style 肉じゃがと共に
Charcoal-grilled A5 aitchbone Wagyu served with “Nikujaga” classical
Japanese beef and vegetable stew
Barbaresco DOCG 2006, Italy
水菓子 | Dessert
和菓子 Contemporary Style
Ten’s contemporary-styledJapanese dessert
Selbach Saar Riesling Spatlase 2010, Germany
Full Festival Menu RM388++ per person (with wine)
Full Festival Menu RM300++ per person (without wine)
Light Festival Menu
先付 | Entrée
  寿司 & 刺身 Contemporary Style
Contemporary sushi and sashimi
Kubota Senjyu
前菜 | Starter 
  山菜と紅葉鯛の素麺 秋の吹き寄せ
Autumn red snapper and Japanese mountain vegetables noodle with red snapper broth
Katnook Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2009, South Australia
肉料理 | Main
Jタスマニア産ラム肉のおかき揚げ 赤ワインとたまり醤油のソース
Crumbed Japanese rice cracker crusted Tasmanian lamb rack garnished with risotto cheese and mashed tofu
Saint Clair Omaka Reserve Pinot Noir 2007, New Zealand
水菓子| Dessert
Chocolate omelette with tropical fruit sauce
Real Companhia Velha Royal Oporto 20 years, Portland
Light Festival Menu RM250++ per person (with wine)
Light Festival Menu RM200++ per person (without wine)