Festival Restaurant
Korean (Pork Free)
145 pax
2nd Floor, Intermark Mall, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates
N 3 09.696
E 101 43.218
+603-2161 2461
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해물냉채 (Haemul naengchae)*
Appetizing Korean style cold seafood salad tossed in vinegar mustard dressing
무쌈 (Mu Ssam)*
Crab meat and refreshing combinations of vegetables and fruits served as spring roll, with dipping of soy bean paste sauce
전복소면무침 (Jeonbok Somyun Muchim)
Seasoned abalone in enticing sweet and spicy sauce served with noodles.
Stanley Estate Sauvignon Blanc 
삼계죽 (Samgye Juk)*
Energizing chicken porridge infused with goodness of dates, chestnut, gingko and hearty portion of renowned Korean Ginseng served with cooling Baek Kimchi (White Kimchi)
꽃살구이와 *양념갈비(Kotsal Gui and *Yangnyum Galbi)
Kotsal Gui: Rare beef part, the chuck flap tail, with fine marbling patterns which creates the distinctive taste of finest meat. Grilled over Korean Oakwood charcoal, it brings out the juiciest, tender and best natural tasting beef. Serves with vegetables and spring onion salad on side, with a Chef’s special dipping sauce made from a concoction of 50 type ingredients.
*Yangnyum Galbi: Marinated beef short ribs grilled to perfection over Korean Oakwood charcoal with lingering aftertaste.
육회비빔밥 (Yukhoe Bibimbap)
Julienned fresh raw beef with combination of mushrooms and vegetables medley, flavoured by gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) and sesame oil on top of rice served with egg yolk and bugeot dubu tang (dried Pollack and tofu soup).
Served with 탕평채 (Tangpyeongchae -Mung bean starch jelly mixed with julienned vegetables and seasoned to taste), 포기김치 (Pogi Kimchi -Whole cabbage Kimchi) and 겉저리 (Geotjeori -Napa cabbage dressed with spicy Kimchi sauce)
K1 by Geoff Hardy "Gold Label” 
꿀떡 (Kkultteok)*
Soft, round and colourful Korean traditional rice cake with honey filling
Deep-fried Korean traditional honey cookies, made from natural honey, ginger juice and cinnamon
차가운홍시 (Ice Hongsi / Persimmon Sorbet)*
100% Natural Ice ripen persimmon to invigorate the taste buds, chewy and refreshing taste 
수정과 (Sujeonggwa)*
Korean traditional sweet fruit punch made from dried persimmon, cinnamon and ginger topped with pine nuts
Full Festival Menu RM298++ per person (with wine)
Full Festival Menu RM198++ per person (without wine)
*Light Festival Menu RM198++ per person (with wine)
*Light Festival Menu RM98++ per person (without wine)