It’s Raining Chefs!

It’s Raining Chefs for the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival’s 11th year, and we’re all excited to get drenched with new culinary experiences from a host of local and international resident chefs.

Throughout October, MIGF, the longest-running and best-known gastronomy event, brings you the country’s best venues to visit for fine dining. Not only do our participating restaurants have special Festival Menus with new and enticing gourmet delights to choose from at special prices, they are also offering a multitude of Festival Offers. Just take a look at what’s new on offer when you look through this guide.

This year, 28 restaurants nationwide are taking part in MIGF, ranging from East and West to fusion cuisine, authentic to modern and spicy to sublime. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. Don’t worry if you can’t try them all during Festival time – the whole reason we promote our fabulous resident chefs (rather than simply flying in chefs from overseas) is because the worldclass standards of cuisine and service on offer can be enjoyed all year round.

So please keep this book with you for future reference. If you’re visiting Malaysia from overseas, this is the perfect opportunity to try an eclectic selection of cuisines and restaurants. If you’re a resident, why not do the same, and then make sure you visit each of our wonderful restaurants once or more in the coming year.

Last but not least, you can book MIGF Gourmet Tours, which package your fine-dining experiences throughout the year with deals on accommodation, golf, spas and city tours, among others. They also make a great gift if you wish to invite your friends to visit this wonderful country. So do join us as we cook up a storm for your dining pleasure.