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7 Oct 2010, Dynasty, MED.@Marché-Live and Sagano, Renaissance KL
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Chef Yasutoshi Ito, Chef Paul Lewis and Chef Tan Kim Weng

It seemed like a tall order – three restaurants in one night - but an evening at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur proved that, as evening host and Festival Organising Chairman YBhg Dato’ Steve Day aptly put, “we mustn’t underestimate the magical connection of food!”

YBhg Dato' Dr Jagjit Singh Sambhi, YBhg Datin Margaret Sambhi, Mrs Paula Frager and Mr Robert Frager YBhg Datin Su Wai Fun, Mrs Paula Frager, YBhg Datin Margaret Sambhi and Ms Irene Choo
YBhg Dato' Nelson Kwok Teng Tong, YBhg Datin Carol, Mr SB Cheah and Mrs Irene Choo YBhg Datin Carol, YBhg Datin Eva Ho, Ms Elaine Lim, YBhg Datin Goh Poh Eng and Caleen Chua
Mr Pierre Nardelli and YBhg Dato' Steve Day YBhg Dato' Tay Sim Kim and YBhg Datin Eva Ho
YBhg Datin Goh Poh Eng and YBhg Dato' Liaw Choon Liang Mr Albert Chiang Heng Kiang and Ms Elaine Lim
Ms Caleen Chua and Mr Garry Chua YBhg Dato' Steve Day introduces the restaurant teams before dinner begins


Indeed it was a magical connection that brought together guests from as far away as Britain and Austria to enjoy a special meal together, and the guests included YBhg Dato’ Dr Jagjit Singh Sambhi, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Sambhi Clinic and his wife YBhg Datin Margaret Sambhi; YBhg Dato’ Eddie Choon Yee Siong, Executive Chairman and Group Managing Director of Poh Kong Jewellers and his wife YBhg Datin Jennifer Hon; YBhg Dato’ Tay Sim Kim, Director/Chief Executive Officer of Osim Sdn Bhd and his wife YBhg Datin Eva Ho; YBhg Dato’ Garry Chua, Group Managing Director of Rotol and his daughter Caleen; YBhg Dato’ Nelson Kwok Teng Tong, Chief Executive Officer of Nelson Franchise Sdn Bhd and his wife YBhg Datin Carol; YBhg Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang, Managing Director of Focus Point Vision Group and his wife YBhg Datin Goh Poh Eng; Mr Pierre Nardelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eurocopter Malaysia; Mr SB Cheah, General Manager of Cotra Enterprises and his wife Ms Irene Choo; Mr Albert Chiang Heng Kiang, Group Managing Director of Bonia Corporation and his wife Ms Elaine Lim; Mr Robert Frager, General Manager of Renaissance KL and his wife Mrs Paula Frager; and YBhg Datin Su Wai Fun, Managing Director of AsiaReach Events.

Chef Paul prepares the starters

A Fresh Local Seafood Brodetto started the meal

The guests arrived promptly to sip cocktails in their first destination – the Italian eatery MED.@Marche-Live, where new-comer to the Festival Chef Paul Lewis had whipped up an exquisitely presented starter followed by a local seafood soup; the dish he admits is his favourite thanks to the time he invests in cooking the tomato-based sauce; “it’s the long cooking process that makes it taste just right!” YBhg Dato’ Dr Jagjit Singh Sambhi was certainly convinced that Chef Paul had hit the mark as he was quick to compliment the rich soup; “It had so much flavour! Every spoonful seemed to bring a different taste!”

Chef Yasutoshi Ito keeps an eye as the main courses are prepared

The main courses were stylish and delicious

No sooner had the plates been cleared that the guests were on their feet and off to their next destination on this dining safari – delicate Japanese restaurant Sagano, which is headed by Chef Yasutoshi Ito who is fiercely proud of his fine food; “I cook 100% Japanese food from my own recipe book – only a real Japanese taste!” It is Sagano’s third year of involvement in the Festival, and the two courses offered to the guests were delicate and wholesome, featuring the Chef’s favourite Grilled Miso-Marinated Sablefish wrapped in Bamboo Leaf.

Chef Tan Kim Weng proudly delivers his desserts

A trio of Chinese desserts completes the dinner perfectly

The third and final stop on the food tour of the world was China, with the dining room of Dynasty restaurant glistening with fairy lights, the tables already laden with a selection of Western desserts that looked delicate but tasted divine – sweet chocolate macaroons and rich cheesecake were just some of the sweet delights to whet the appetite ahead of the trio of Chinese desserts that came sweeping in from the hard-working staff. The guests savoured the Sweet Hasma with Longan, A Steamed Pastry with a Solid Egg Yolk Filling and a Yamball with Red Bean Paste, all designed to “finish the evening with a boom!” beamed Chef Tan Kim Weng.

YBhg Dato' Tay Sim Kim surprises YBhg Datin Su Wai Fun with a birthday cake

As if the evening could have been any more special, no sooner had the desserts been cleared that a glistening chocolate cake appeared and the guests broke into a jubilant rendition of ‘happy birthday’, much to the delight of YBhg Datin Su Wai Fun, who was celebrating her birthday the following day. Champagne was popped and the guests toasted Datin Su’s special day and a fine evening enjoyed with new friends.

The group are all happy after their final course at Dynasty

There was no doubt that the globe-trotting diners were thrilled with their evening of safari, which gave many guests the opportunity to try something new. “That’s the great thing about this Festival,” YBhg Dato’ Eddie Choon Yee Siong explained as the Chinese tea began to circulate after the meal, “I get to discover new places that I don’t think of going to!” It was also the opportunity for old faces to reunite and new faces to meet and share their own experiences, “It’s fantastic,” YBhg Dato’ Tay Sim Kim smiled, “an evening like this is special because it won’t happen again!” The unique company, the delicate balance of fine dining from three masters of the culinary world and the seamless service of the staff ensured that the diners, no matter what corner of the globe they came from, had a truly magical evening.

Though perhaps this first-class evening is all in a day’s work for such a fine establishment as the Renaissance, “it’s our third year in MIGF so we know what we’re doing now,” Director of Food and Beverage Mr Christian Heidenreich explained with a shrug and a smile, as the happy guests chatted long into the night.