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A Magical Night of Food and Glamour
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The excitement was palpable as the glamorous elite of KL gathered outside the ballroom at the Sunway Convention Centre on 21 September 2010, drinks in hands, awaiting the beginning of the culinary calendars’ most highly-anticipated event: the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010.

Now entering its tenth year, MIGF is a month-long celebration of the exquisite food that is being created by masters of the gourmet scene right here in Malaysia every day of the week; and what better what to open such a high-class festival but with a swanky party?

Among the VIPs, celebrity guests and food journalists gathered in their finest was the guest of honour, Deputy Minister for Tourism YB Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit, who took his place by the launching stage in anticipation of the grand opening. As the emcee called the gathered throng to the stage, a hush fell and all eyes were on Festival Organising Chairman YBhg Dato’ Steve Day who appeared in a flash of magic and declared this wonderful Festival – this year with a theme of Magical Chefs – well and truly open!

The crowd were led through a giant chef’s hat into the ballroom, where a Latin band exploded into life, the drum beats resounding around the candlelit hall as dancers swayed to the infectious rhythms. The team of Festival Chefs were boogieing on stage or lined along the red carpet, waving their kitchen utensils to the Latin beats in jubilant celebration of another year of gourmet delights. What a way to start MIGF 2010!

The Chefs
The real stars of the Festival are our team of Magical Chefs, and with a record number this year – thirty chefs from all four corners of the globe – there is little doubt that 2010 will be the best Festival yet!

All the chefs are masters of their craft and work in the city’s top kitchens, having been trained at some of the best cookery schools in the world, honing their crafts at various Michelin-star restaurants and 5 star hotels around the world. They bring their skills to a huge range of cuisine, and a glance down the list of foods on offer is a like a trip around the world: Australian, Indian, Lebanese, French, Japanese to name but a few. Of course, the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival would not be complete without the rich and diverse tastes of Malaysian cuisine, and diners can enjoy a whole host of contemporary and traditional offerings of local specialities alongside these international offerings.

For the spectacular Gala night, all chefs were in attendance in their cleanest whites to offer the hungry crowds a tantalising taste of things to come. The ballroom was surrounded by booths - each elaborately designed and evoking the spirit of the restaurant - and the chefs had exquisitely laid out ornate creations that were eagerly consumed. The guests had the rather wonderful task of working their way around the hall, sampling the best from these culinary magicians, and the smiles of delight were clear to see.

Once their cooking tasks were complete, the chefs slipped off their hats and circulated, chatting to their enthusiastic guests and lapping up the well-earned compliments from a crowd buzzing with anticipation at the approaching Festival.

The Party
By ten o’clock the hard-work was over; the media had emerged from their press conference, the chefs had hung up their utensils and the guests had satisfied their urges - for the time being perhaps - and the party truly got under way. The drinks flowed and the atmosphere in the glittering, shimmering ballroom was electric – aided by the presence of scantily-clad dancers, engulfed in feathers and glitter, who danced with relentless enthusiasm to the addictive beats of the music.

And though the guests partied long into the early hours, the fun has only just begun as the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is now officially open for business! Foodies from all corners of the globe will be heading down to Kuala Lumpur to take advantage of the incredible special offers at the country’s top restaurants and sample some extraordinary fare from the superstars of the culinary world. If the offerings at the Gala Launch are anything to go by, the food this year is going to be truly magical. With such a variety of cuisines on offer, you may wonder if a month is long enough!

Festival Restaurants

The Food


For the uninitiated, MIGF is a month-long food festival that draws visitors from all over the globe to taste and appreciate the international-standard of fine dining that is available in Malaysia. A whole host of top-class restaurants and hotels are involved, and their Master Chefs each create a special menu for the occasion, showcasing their signature dishes and greatest masterpieces to the palates of the world’s gourmands. These one-off menus can be enjoyed with or without specially-paired wines, and all come at special prices to encourage visitors to taste as many of these fantastic foods as they can.

Alongside the Festival Menus, each restaurant and hotel boasts deals on everything from cigars to bed and breakfast packages, with most offering a special gift on arrival and even a birthday cake if you celebrate your special day during the Festival!

For those who are truly looking to embrace this month of gastronomy, there are 5day/4night packages including limousine services to and from your Festival meals. These mini breaks can be supplemented with luxury days at the country’s top spas or even a relaxing round of golf. October is certainly a month to indulge and enjoy!