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ZING, Grand Millennium Hotel
27 Nov 08
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The traffic grind raging outside the Grand Millennium hotel was so bad, you could have finished poring over a full-length novel while sitting in your car. Yet, the chaotic workings of the outside world seemed to have absolutely no place inside the serene, almost regal confines of Zing.
The dining area was cool and feminine, with soft peach tablecloths and golden ribbons tied around each chair. Exquisite tableware featuring intricate flower-patterned platters had also been laid out. Lovely lanterns hung overhead and at the far end of the room, detailed wood paneled barriers provided extra exclusivity and privacy.
After spending so many hours languishing in the monstrous traffic jam, guests had worked up quite an appetite. Luckily, the bubbly, vivacious Chef Simon Hew was on hand to satiate their hunger. His tireless efforts certainly paid off as many diners could find no fault with the food for the night.
The eminent Datuk Bridget Lai, CEO of Alliance Bank Malaysia, confessed to an ardent passion for the Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin with Ginseng and Chicken. “The shark’s fin soup was my favourite. I liked the clarity of the broth and the ginseng in it, which was not common and made the dish taste very different,” she said.
An overwhelming number of the diners expressed their undying love for the Baked Atlantic Black Cod Fish with Lemongrass Skewer Served with Bonita Mushroom Sauce. “Everything was fabulous. I’ve never eaten so much in my life,” said the gregarious PERODUA Senior Manager, Peter Das. He continued by saying “For me, the codfish really took the cake. It was shiok!” Quill Group mogul Dato Michael Ong was inclined to agree, as he said “The codfish was very nice and tender and just melted in the mouth.”
Another treasured favourite of the night was the Braised ‘Cat Ear’ with Soft Shell Prawn and Shimeiji Mushroom. The dapper MCA stalwart, Datuk Michael Chong was mightily pleased with the dish. “I liked the noodles, I thought it was something very different,” he said. He also divulged a new bit of information he’d gleaned from the night. “I found out that the chef and I happen to be clansmen, so we’ve made friends as we speak the same language,” he chuckled exuberantly.
HE Petru Petra, Ambassador of Romania, had a wide grin spread across his friendly face when asked to describe how he felt about the dinner. “This has been a very special evening. The food was very inspired and very sophisticated and the flavours involved were simply exceptional,” he murmured in pleasure.